Photos from Entrepreneur Camp - Spring 2009
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Meet & Greet
Under the rich decor from the 'Last Best West,' the lodge provided a warm and cozy environment for everyone to become better acquainted.
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How to ride a horse
Seminar on the basics of horseback riding on 'Billy' the wooden horse after a hearty dinner. (more photos).
Event Guest Speaker
An evening with guest speaker, Ed Chwyl, entrepreneur and academic from
U. of Alberta.
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The Trail Ride
Saddling-up for Saturday morning trail ride after a western style breakfast.
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Team Challenge No. 1
Case study on an actual technology company start-up.
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Team Challenge No. 2
A test of brain vs. braun, focusing on team work, tools, and technique. Selecting the proper log was also important.
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Team Challenge No. 3
Analysis of TPW sample from Suncor and proposal for a viable solution.
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The Weekend Venue
The 'welcome (chuck) wagon' at the entrance to Homeplace Ranch, a working and guest ranch in Alberta's high cattle country that was home-steaded in 1912.
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The Social Interaction
Every spare moment was taken to get better acquainted with other students and TEC Edmonton staff.
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The Meals
All meals were of home-cooked western fare with plenty to go around.
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Another Trail Ride
Early Sunday morning 2nd trail ride. The sun managed to peek through the clouds in spite of the forecasted snowfall.
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The Horses
Interesting characters with equally interesting names to match: Ivory, High River, Tundra, Rossa Caliente. And Gus, who should been called Gas!
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The Scenery
Located at the scenic Foothills of the Rockies on the edge of Kannaskis Country, the surroundings are a feast for any photographer.
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Something Whimsical
It's the little things, the less obvious, and the unexpected that make interesting images. (more photos)
Photos by Urey Chan
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