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Next Entrepreneur Camp Postponed Until Fall

The next Entrepreneur Camp for 2010 has been postponed due to delays in this fiscal year's funding notifications for research centres that have already expressed interested in sending students. We hope to continue with the planning of the next Camp in the Fall when the funding for the program becomes more certain. Please continue to visit this site for the latest news on our ongoing developments in the Entrepreneur Camp Program.

2nd Entrepreneur Camp in Nov. 2009
Goes Pan-Alberta with Participation
from University of Calgary

On the weekend of November 20-22, sixteen post-graduate students from across Alberta participated in the second Entrepreneur Camp at a guest ranch on the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains near Priddis, Alberta. Throughout the three-day agenda, students interacted with entrepreneurs, networked with fellow peers and participated in activities designed to challenge each student's business acumen to get a clearer understanding of entrepreneurship in their respective fields of study and become more informed about choosing the entrepreneurial path as a career decision.

The Entrepreneur Camp is coordinated by the University of Alberta's School of Business Technology Commercialization Centre with the suppot of Alberta Ingenuity Fund. Students specially selected for the second Camp are currently undertaking research and business programs at The Centre for Oil Sands Innovation (COSI), Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Machine Learning (AICML), School of Business Technology Commercializaiton Centre (TCC) at the University of Alberta and the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary.

Students from U. of Alberta, U. of Calgary, Entrepreneur Camp staff and guest ranch staff after second Camp on the weekend of November 20-22 outside Calgary near Priddis. The three-day event was filled with team challenges, opportunities to interact with successful entrepreneurs, and knowledge exchange under a unique environment in the setting of the province's pioneering heritage. (See Photo Album for more images)

Ingenuity In Our Community
Entrepreneur Camp

A unique outdoor learning experience, Ingenuity in Our Community – Entrepreneur Camp is for qualified students who want to explore career opportunities as an entrepreneur. The Camp aims at stimulating entrepreneurial talent in Alberta by focusing on the commercialization side of research and technology. This invitational event is an Ingenuity Enterprise Student Entrepreneur Development program that is supported by Alberta Ingenuity Fund through an initiative of University of Alberta School of Business Technology Commercialization Centre.

The Entrepreneur Camp is an interactive forum for students in Alberta to come together to discover their own entrepreneurial interests in a setting that reflects the rich pioneering heritage of the Province. Participants will be able to discuss business ideas with other students and professionals from different disciplines and learn about entrepreneurial leadership in developing commercially viable technology-based opportunities into a business.

Entrepreneur Camps take place at a special venues where participants share a unique and fun learning experience in a managed environment that is conducive to fostering knowledge and information exchange. The three-day agenda focuses on teamwork activities and case studies designed to challenge each student’s business acumen, problem solving skills and creativity. The value exchange from the weekend experience will be the student’s better understanding and appreciation of what it takes to become an entrepreneur.

Photos from second Entrepreneur Camp now posted in Photo Album area of Web site.

Entrepreneur Camp
Support and Sponsorship

The Entrepreneur Camp is a unique Student Entrepreneur Development program that is co-ordinated by the University of Alberta School of Business Technology Commercialization Centre with the support of Alberta Ingenuity Fund and the participation of University of Alberta, University of Calgary, and Ingenuity Centres for Research and Commercialization.


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